The whiskey blog

On this blog I will be comparing whiskeys for blended to single malt to bourbon. I will start from the more common ones and then cover the less famous as well. I will be also covering where the whiskey is made, the process of making the specific whiskey, the kind of whiskey and is age. I will tell things how I see them. I will upload pictures of the glasses and the bottle which i will use in every tasting .
Every whiskey tasting is done under room temperature and usually with two blocks of ice. Each whiskey will be rated upon certain perimeters:
  • Bottle: is the bottle special? ,is it prestige ?, or is it just ordinary? (obviously not a lot from the over all rating, “cant judge a book by its cover)
  • Smell: does it invoke use taste buds? is it smokey enough or is it too much?
  • Taste: does it come on as too strong? , are there hints of any of the ingredients ? ( I will also try to describe the taste, because taste in not objective)
  • Aftertaste: does it leave you wanting more ?, or does just ruin the whole experience?
  • Price: is it too expensive? is it good value?
  • Overall rate: purely mathematical and out of 100
  • “Home essential or not”: only very few will earn a star which means it is essential that you have this one at home, so you can unwind or just chill with great taste for affordable value.
May we have a fine tasting. And may the information help people out there ,who enjoy a good glass of whiskey , to choose the one whiskey the love!

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